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News Releases

Forman Named President of Harmon Associates LLC (PDF: 22KB/1pg.)

Formation OF Harmon Associates India Private LTD. Announced (PDF: 25KB/1pg.)

Harmon Expands Business (PDF: 24KB/1pg.)

Harmon Sees Market Growth With Clear Skies Ahead (PDF: 24KB/2pgs.)

Harmon Associates Announces Secondary Fiber Program In China (PDF: 20KB/1pg.)

Harmon Associates - Achieving Success In Paper, Plastic and Metal Recycling
(PDF: 27KB/2pgs.)

Magazine Features

“Paper Recycling Supplement -- World View” - Article as seen in Recycling Today, October 2005 (PDF: 140KB/8pgs.)

“Harmon Associates Issues New Grading Structure” - Article as seen in Recycling Today, July 2005 (PDF: 104KB/2pgs.)


Advertisement as seen in Paper Week Convention Daily and Paper Stock Report
(PDF: 231KB/1pg.)

Harmon Associates Brochure (PDF: 591KB/8pgs.)